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Pristine Beauty

Hamm, Limited is a Family Partnership developed to maintain the natural state of land that the partnership currently owns. Hamm, Ltd. is also planning on purchasing more sites and to keep them in their natural state.

We have a number of photos of one of our sites on-line. They show the natural beauty of the land, and how encroachment of civilization is marring that beauty.

For more information on Hamm, Ltd. please write us at:
Hamm, Ltd. Partnership
7836 Lone Pine Drive
Golden, CO 80403
Or, E-Mail us at info@hamm.com

Vincent S. Hamm, one of the Hamm, Ltd. Limited Partners is running for the office of President of the United States to help preserve our nations natural resources. Visit the Presidential home page for more information.Go to the Vincent Hamm for President Home Page Aim High!®:, Inc. is kindly providing the technology, hardware, software and Advanced Internet services to maintain this web site.

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